• About

    For over 30 years I have been fascinated by the subjects of love and relationships. Extensive research, thousands of conversations and interviews with people from multiple cultures around the world and a relentless pursuit of answers has provided me with a deep appreciation and understanding of the full potential of love.

    My journey began at a young age with a strong urge to understand the many mysteries and confusions that love and relationships seemed to produce. Along this journey of discovery and inquiry, I have slowly uncovered the often hidden pieces of the love and relationship mystery that when known enables people to bring awareness and clarity to their own lives.

    Over the last 17 years I have also led workshops around the world including my home town in London, England. I have worked with thousands of people who have found clarity and comfort in my research findings all of which are designed simply to help people “see more clearly”.

    My life-long journey of enquiry into these subjects and the consistent high level feedback from my research partners and coaching clients inspired me to develop and lead the Invitation of Love 3-day Workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to reveal the hidden determinants of human relationships in such a way that you will see the world more clearly and improve the quality of your relationships for the rest of your life.

    My research findings, philosophy and workshop is designed specifically toward workability by unlocking the secrets to loving beautifully and with profound respect.

    This is my great joy and passion in life.